RDRP0457-2mm EB410 Brass D-2mm Suspension Mount

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No. d\'article: RDRP0457-2mm

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RDRP0457-2mm Revolution Design EB410 Brass D-2mm Suspension Mount

The RDRP Brass D-2mm Suspension Mount for the Tekno RC 410 buggy is used when adding the 2mm gearbox shims under the rear bulkhead in order to bring the suspension geometry (and thus roll centre settings ) back to standard when also utilising the RDRP0452-2mm EB410 Carbon Fibre Shock Tower Rear -2mm. The suspension block adds valuable weight especially when running in low-traction conditions or when the track is getting bumpier. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold-colour chamfered edges the part weighs in at 15g which shifts the weight bias further to the rear which helps with rotation into corners especially in low traction conditions while improving overall traction at the same time.

Best used in combination with the RDRP0452-2mm EB410 Carbon Fibre Shock Tower Rear -2mm. Usable separately or in combination with the RDRP0456-2mm EB410 Brass C-2mm Suspension Mount.

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