Yeah Racing HPI Sport 3 Alu Tuning Kit Komplett

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Art.Nr.: RSS3-S01OR

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RSS3-S01OR Yeah Racing Tuning Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For HPI RS4 Sport 3 Orange

Komplettes Tuning Kit für den HPI Sport 3. Umbau der wichtigsten Teile auf Aluminium. Preiswertes Tuning in Orginal Hersteller Qualität vom RC Tuning Spezialisten Planet-rc. Die Teile sind alle einzeln als Ersatzteile erhältlich und austauschbar.

Introducing the Yeah Racing Aluminum Conversion Kit For HPI's RS4 Sport 3, this kit consists everything you need to upgrade your RS4 Sport 3 to unleash its full potential as the ultimate racing car or backyard basher! On the stock HPI RS4 Sport 3 there are an extensive amount of plastic parts, which creates a lot of play in the suspension. This creates inconsistency in the suspension geometry and will make your car hard to drive, especially on bumpy surfaces where your suspension will work twice as hard when compared to on road. By upgrading your RS4 Sport 3 with this upgrade kit, it unleashes it's full potential.

Yeah Racing exquisitely used premium quality materials coupled with precise CNC cutting to manufacture all the parts in this conversion kit. The result is astonishing performance and durability upgrade due to the minimum friction and flex within the car's suspension system as a result.

Unique to this upgrade kit is an o-ring system which holds the downstop screw in place which is rarely seen available in aluminum suspension arms.

This is the ultimate upgrade kit for people who are sick of seeing original plastic parts breaking!


For: HPI RS4 Sport 3
Material: Aluminum
Color: Orange
Meticulous Design Resulting in Minimized Friction
Premium Materials Built To Last
Precise CNC manufacturing process for the Perfect Fit


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