Louise 1/8 Buggy Kompletträder "B-Pioneer" (2)

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Art.Nr.: LOUT3130SB

Hersteller Info: Louise RC

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LOUT3130SB B-Pioneer Soft Speichenfelge schwarz 1:8 Offroad LOUISE RC 2 Stk.

1 Paar 1/8 Buggy Reifen Kompletträder mit 17mm Sechskant Aufnahme


Durchmesser ca. 112mm
Breite ca. 45mm
Aufnahme: 17mm Sechskant

L-T3130SB Soft Compound / Black Spoke Rim / Mounted


The perfect arc pattern of tires increase curved speed and function.

Base pin extraordinary on hard-packed surfaces, supplies the straight acceleration and good grips.

Unmatched compounds of tires provide grip for long time and suit difference racecourse.


Reusable insert because utilizes extraordinary compound of material.

100% water save.

More lighter than traditional insert.

Extremely durable.

No break-In period needed.

Channel details designed matches of tire closed, provide optimal stability.


Made for all 1/8 Scale Buggy Car.

For use on standard 1/8 Insert and standard 1/8 tires.

Increase diameter & width. Provide highly balanced.

Textured bonding wheels makes high stronger nylon.

Made from durable, lightweight raw material.

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