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YA-0400 Yeah Racing 1/10 RC Rock Crawler Truck Accessory Wooden Crate

This is Yeah Racing 1/10 RC Crawler Accessory Wooden Crate. It is 100% made of durable treated Oak. This crate imitates the realistic look of a full size wooden crate and it is fun to assemble it together. It is absolutely stunning with every detail, making it a great addition to any RC Crawler or Scaler. This set comes with oak pieces in 3 block sizes, enough material to make 2 individual crates. Glue the pieces together to form 64x49x43mm wooden crates. Please note it requires white clue or wood glue to assemble it and glue is not included.


For: 1/10 RC Crawler
Material: Oak
Color: Wood Color


Dimension: 64x49x43mm


Wooden Crate (2 pcs)

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