116210 HPI Jumpshot MT Flux RTR Monster Truck

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Product no.: HPI116210

Manufacturer information: HPI - Racing

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116210 HPI Jumpshot MT Flux Fuzion Brushless RTR 2WD Monster Truck

Der Jumpshot MT Fuzion ist mit dieser einen Sache ausgestattet, nach der einige Jumpshot Besitzer uns gefragt haben: mehr Geschwindigkeit! Das fantastische Fuzion System kombiniert einen Brushless Motor und einen LiPo-fähigen Fahrtenregler in einer leistungsstarken Einheit, sodass unsere HPI Designer das Masse-Leistungs-Verhältnis verbessern konnten, was mit mehr Fahrspaß gleichzusetzen ist! Es sind größere und weitere Sprünge möglich und höhere Geschwindigkeiten sind mit der Fuzion Brushless Power garantiert! Der Jumpshot ist der aktuellste 2WD Fun Truck von HPI, der ein TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) Chassis besitzt und fantastische Action sowie jede Menge Fahrspaß verspricht!

100% RTR - Alles was zum Berieb benötigt wird, ist dabei

Amazing FLUX Fuzion Technology

The HPI FLUX range has been setting the standard for ease of use, durability and performance for years, and now it's time to introduce the next step of FLUX tech: the amazing Fuzion! This is a 540-size brushless motor fitted with a powerful and convenient electronic speed control - right inside the motor case! With a smaller overall package, you get less weight, fewer wires and a much easier and neater installation - and the Jumpshot MT FLUX Fuzion is the first truck to feature this fantastic technology! You get brushless power in a smaller and more user-friendly package!

The advantages are clear:

more torque and acceleration than the standard Jumpshot motor
longer runtime thanks to FLUX brushless technology
runs more efficiently and cooler than standard motors
less weight than separate motor and speed controller
cleaner installation with fewer wires
same size as standard brushed motor

The Fuzion speed controller is also programmable so you can fine-tune it to your driving needs:

Choose between racing-style Forward & Brake only modes or Forward, Brake and Reverse
You can set the Low Voltage Cut-Off to protect your LiPo batteries
There are 4 Start Modes for different levels of "punch" or acceleration power
The Maximum Brake Force can change the braking power for different driving surfaces
Finally, you can change the motor rotation

Factory-built Ready To Run 2WD monster truck
Innovative single-unit design combines brushless motor and LiPo-ready ESC
FLUX Fuzion 2700KV brushless motor
LiPo-ready speed controller takes up to 2S LiPo or 7-cell NiMH battery packs
Tough aluminum TVP chassis design
Battery box fits NiMH stick packs and 2S LiPo packs
Battery easily accessible from bottom of chassis
Water-resistant servo
Enclosed receiver box
2.4 GHz radio system
Oil-filled shock absorbers
Double-wishbone suspension design
Sturdy body mounts
Standard 12mm hex hub wheel fitting
Pick-up truck style body with the latest HPI graphics
Large all-terrain tires
Chrome 6-spoke wheels
Battery, wall charger and transmitter AA batteries included


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