57843 Tamiya XB Unimog 406 CC01- RTR 2.4Ghz

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Product no.: TAM57843

Manufacturer information: Tamiya

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57843 Tamiya XB Unimog 406 Series U900 - CC-01 Orange VersionRTR 2.4Ghz

RTR XB Expert Build 2.4Ghz Baukasten ohne Fahrakku und Ladegerät.

In the 1960s, Mercedes-Benz built the Unimog 406 Series. These multi-purpose trucks were known for being 4WD and having exceptional off-road performance. The Unimog can be used in environments such as deserts, jungles and mountains. Unimog is an acronym for "UNIversal-Motor-Gerat" with Gerat translating to mean machine or device. The vehicles featured an inline 6-cylinder diesel engine, 8-speed transmission, and front/rear lockable differentials.


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