TD102040 DNX8 1/8 Nitro 4WD Off Road Buggy

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TD102040 DNX8 1/8 Nitro 4WD Off Road Buggy

1:8 Race Buggy Renn Baukasten Kit

Faster, stronger, easier to service and tune, the DNX8 provides the ultimate 4WD race-winning combination, precision engineered to put you in control in the most challenging conditions. Easy to drive faster, easier to service under pressure, more consistent performance than your rivals, this innovative Nitro-powered race machine is developed to take you to the podium, again and again. Pilot the DNX8 … re-define what it means to compete at your highest potential.

Your race machine features our Patent Pending Team Durango sliding gear mesh. This super-innovative feature allows the heavy 1/8 scale nitro Engine to always stay in the same position, regardless of adjustments you need to make.

Equalised weight distribution for consistent handling
Fast and easy Pinion changes for efficient gear tuning
Easy-access centre Diff with no disruption to Engine position

Ultra-consistent Pivot Ball Suspension for easy tuning and relaibility on the track
Innovative Active Caster Inserts for convenient configuration changes in minutes
Wide range of set-up options straight from the kit
Precision manufactured composite parts for long-lasting durability

Fast-release Gearbox Covers for quick servicing in the pits
Lightweight Differential Cross Shafts for super-efficient power transfer
High-quality hardware for consistent maintenance and reduced pitting time

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