64077-3 Traxxas 1/7 XO-1 4WD On-Road 2.4GHz (TSM)

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Art.Nr.: TRX64077-3

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64077-3 Traxxas 1/7 X0-1 4WD On-Road 2.4GHz RTR Link + TSM (ohne Lipo Akkus)

The World's Fastest Ready-To-Race® Supercar


0-100mph in under 5 seconds!

Neueste Version mit Traxxas Link (Wireless) + TSM Stabilitäts System

(Sensoren für Telemetrie sind bereits eingebaut)


Vor über 25 Jahren hat es sich Traxxas zur Aufgabe gemacht, innovativ zu sein, den Markt

anzuführen und einen Weg zu finden um noch bessere Performance zu ermöglichen. Dank

dem Verlangen nach mehr Geschwindigkeit und Leistung hat es Traxxas nun geschafft diese

beiden Begriffe neu zu definieren. Modernste Technologie, ein bahnbrechendes Design und

die Fokussierung auf Qualität und Präzision in Verbindung mit unglaublicher Power

beschreiben nur im Entferntesten die Eigenschaften des neuen Supercar XO-1.

Von 0-160km/h unter 5 Sekunden...

Diese unglaubliche Leistung kann nur dank dem

CastleCreations Mamba Monster Brushless-Antrieb erreicht

werden. Mit dem 1650Kv Brushless-Motor und dem für sechs

Zellen LiPo-Akku ausgelegten Regler beschleunigt der XO-1

auf unglaubliche 160km/h*.

Hohe Leistung braucht hohe Haltbarkeit. Traxxas liefert ein robustes Kardanantriebssystem,

welches mit Stahl-Getrieben, Aluminium Kardanwelle und vielem mehr ausgestattet ist.

Zudem wird der XO-1 mit Aluminium Radträgern ausgeliefert, was noch mehr Sabilität und

Präzision bietet.

Er ist mit der neusten Generation der Traxxas 2.4GHz

Fernsteuerung ausgestattet. Sie verfügt über die Traxxas Link Wireless (W-Lan) Verbindung. Mit der im AppStore verfügbaren

Software können alle möglichen Einstellungen, wie z.B. Sub-Trim

und Exponential eingestellt werden. Als wäre das nicht schon genug,

kann man Telemetriedaten, wie z.B. Geschwindigkeit, Drehzahl,

Akku-Spannung und vieles mehr direkt ab dem Display des

iPhones/iPods ablesen.

Ein weiteres von vielen Highlights ist der Unterboden. Dank fortschrittlicher

Modellierungstechnik erhält der XO-1 eine beeindruckende Form, welche vor allem zur reinen

Funktion dient. Der glatte Unterboden, die entenschnabelartige Frontschürze und der

Heckdiffusor spielen in vollkommener Harmonie zusammen und wandeln den Luftstrom in

Antrieb um, wobei der Luftwiederstand enorm verringert wird. Ein entscheidender Punkt, wenn

man die 160km/h erreichen will!

Der XO-1 ist zu 100% Ready-To-Race! Er wird komplett aufgebaut und mit der Elektronik

bestückt geliefert. Im Lieferumfang ist zudem die 2.4GHz Fernsteuerung.

Technische Daten:

Massstab: 1/7

Länge: ca: 670mm

Breite: ca. 300mm

Höhe: ca. 130mm

Gewicht: ca. 4700g

Antrieb: 4WD Kardan

Benötigt wird noch:

- Lipo Ladegerät und 2x Fahrakku 7.4V - 11.1V Lipo Akku mit TRX Stecker

The Art of Speed

  • Bold New ProGraphix Painted Bodies
  • 100+mph Out of the Box with optional Power Cell LiPo batteries 
  • Castle Creations Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control
  • Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor, Powered by Castle
  • TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Traxxas Link
  • Integrated Speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage Telemetry System
  • All Wheel Drive

Traxxas® is The Fastest Name in Radio Control®. For over 25 years, we have made it our mission to innovate. To lead. To find the next level of performance and capability. We are driven by a passion for speed and power, and now Traxxas has redefined the meaning of both. State-of-the-art technology. Cutting edge design. A total focus on quality and precision. All have been distilled into one vehicle that could only come from Traxxas. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. 0-100 in 4.92 seconds. Top speed over 100mph! Simply put, the XO-1 is the world's fastest Ready-To-Race® radio controlled supercar. 

Traxxas Muscle, Powered by Castle

When the goal is 100+mph, "off the shelf" is out of the question. Traxxas partnered with Castle Creations to develop the Mamba Monster Extreme power system specifically for the unique power requirements of the XO-1. The proven Mamba Monster Extreme System has been enhanced for higher output when used with 6S LiPo power. From its integrated capacitor bank to the proprietary software created just for XO-1, the Mamba Monster Extreme speed control represents the state-of-the-art in big-volt power delivery. The custom Traxxas Big Block brushless motor invites "cubic inches" to the party for massive acceleration and true supercar performance with the largest brushless motor ever offered in a Ready-To-Race model.

The Next Generation of Traxxas 2.4GHz Control

XO-1 is equipped with the world's most advanced Ready-To-Race® radio system. The all-new Traxxas® TQi™ radio system with Docking Base turns your iPhone® or iPod touch® into a powerful tuning tool. The device display combines with the Traxxas Link™ App to deliver an intuitive, high-definition, full-color graphical user interface that optimizes your radio system for ultimate vehicle control. Automatic model recognition instantly recalls your settings for up to 30 Traxxas Link-enabled models—just switch on and drive. This powerful App gives you complete control over the operation and tuning of XO-1 with an intuitive, high definition graphical user interface. Once you have created the perfect control settings for your model, you can save them as a profile that you can restore later, use on another model, or share with friends. Traxxas Link telemetry sensors transmit real-time data including speed, RPM, temperature, and battery voltage with stunning visuals. Learn more about the new Traxxas TQi Radio System here.


Powerful Traxxas Link Application

in the App Store. 

Traxxas Link makes it easy to learn, understand, and access the powerful tuning options built into every Traxxas TQi radio system. Control your Drive Effects settings such as steering and throttle sensitivity; steering percentage; braking strength; and throttle trim by simply touching and dragging the sliders on the screen, or enabling the Multi-Function knob on the transmitter. Everything happens live, on-the-fly, giving you instant feedback on your changes.

Traxxas Link collects and records real-time telemetry data as you drive. The Traxxas Link dashboard comes to life showing you speed, battery voltage, RPM, and temperature. The application automatically detects and recognizes Traxxas Link sensors for easy set up and configuration. The dashboard is fully customizable with either dial or digital readout gauges. Up to nine gauges can be displayed at once. Set threshold warnings and log maximums, minimums, or averages. Use the recording function to document your dashboard view, with sound, so that you can keep your eyes on your driving and not miss a single apex. If you forget to record, simply touch Instant Replay anytime to capture the previous minute of fun and unexpected triumphs. The recordings can be named, saved, and shared with others.

Once you have created the perfect control settings for your model, you can save them as a profile that you can restore later, use on another model, or share with friends. If the track conditions change, simply re-tune your Drive Effects and save them as new profile. Only Traxxas Link makes pro-level transmitter tuning so fast, convenient, and easy.

Heavy-Duty Drivetrain

High performance must come with high durability. Traxxas delivers with a robust shaft-driven AWD (all-wheel drive) system proven in our most powerful vehicles and enhanced with new features for XO-1. Steel-gear, E-Revo-spec differentials feature reinforcing support bars to increase horsepower handling capability. The extruded aluminum center driveshaft engages the front and rear gearboxes directly, so there are no dogbones or drive cups to wobble or wear. New, telescoping steel-spline (SS) driveshafts with dual CV joints engage the wheels with track-tested, splined 17mm hex hubs. New fine pitch splined steel telescoping driveshafts handle 50% more torque than conventional shafts. Oversized 6X12mm ball bearings spin efficiently at high rpm, run after blistering run. 

Patent-Pending Cush Drive™

Developed specifically for the XO-1, the patent pending Cush Drive™ absorbs drivetrain shocks with a custom-shaped elastomer damper housed between the spur gear and the drive hub. Under extreme load (such as hard, high-traction acceleration), the elastomer flexes to dissipate shock without interrupting power flow. The result is instant acceleration with no wasted power.

Computer Optimized Aerodynamics

Developed with advanced modeling techniques, XO-1's stunning form has been shaped by pure function. The front splitter and canards, smooth undertray, rear diffuser and wing work in harmony to harness airflow and convert it to downforce while minimizing drag—critical to achieving 100+mph speeds. XO-1 is the first to deploy a fully developed and functional air-management system in a high-performance radio-control car. The aerodynamic components integrate seamlessly with the XO-1's low-slung, wide-stance body to distill style and speed into a pure expression of radio-control performance.

Ready-To-Race without Power Cell LiPos

"100+mph, right out of the box." That was the goal for XO-1, and Traxxas delivers with everything you need to hit triple digits—including a pair of Power Cell 3S LiPo batteries. Built with custom Traxxas cells and engineered specifically for the high power demands of Traxxas vehicles, Power Cell LiPo packs are fully equipped with Traxxas High Current connectors, Maxx Cable 12-gauge wire, and standard JST/XH balance plugs for long cycle life, maximum run time, and track-shredding punch.


  • 100+mph Out of the box!*
  • NEW Castle Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control
  • NEW Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor
  • NEW TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Traxxas Link
  • NEW Integrated speed, RPM, and voltage Telemetry System*
  • NEW Patent-pending Cush Drive™
  • Shaft-driven All Wheel Drive
  • Machined 6061 Aluminum C-Hubs, Steering Knuckles, Axle Carriers, and Shock Towers
  • Hard-anodized GTR Shocks
  • Steel Splined (SS) dual-CV Driveshafts

100% Ready-To-Race®

Traxxas backs XO-1 and all of their products with top-notch support that is second to none. A staff of skilled representatives is on-hand to answer your questions via phone, website, or email. Unmatched parts support allows XO-1 to be serviced with parts and support from thousands of hobby dealers worldwide. Your investment is also protected by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty. Traxxas goes the extra mile to ensure that your R/C experience is easy and fun (and fast!). Follow the details link above to go in depth on all the XO-1 performance benefits and also be sure to check out the videos page to see XO-1 in action for yourself.

MODEL 64077: XO-1 Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system with Traxxas Link™ model memory, Traxxas Link Wireless Module, Castle Mamba Monster Extreme Brushless Power System, and ProGraphix® painted body.

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