Traxxas TRX-4 Sport 1/10 Pickup Scale RTR Red

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Art.Nr.: TRX82024-4-Red

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82024-4 TRAXXAS TRX4 SPORT Pickup-Crawler 1/10 Crawler 2.4GHz ohne Akku, ohne Lader

Farbe Rot

Sport Version mit Starrachsen und 1-Gang Getriebe

Benötigt wird noch: Fahrakku, Ladegerät und 4x AA Batterien für die Fernsteuerung

Große Bodenfreiheit
Portalachsen welche man auch schon vom MST CFX-W kennt, vergrößern die Bodenfreiheit

Torque Twist reduziert
Durch den Aufbau der Zahnräder in den Portalachsen ist der unerwünschte Torque Twist so gut wie nicht vorhanden.

Durchdachte Geometrie
Höhere Achslenker und die Mittelantriebswelle vermeiden kritische Antriebswellen- und Fahrwerks-Winkel. So erreicht man eine geringere Belastung der Antriebswellen, und die höheren Aufhängungsverbindungen sorgen für eine größere Bodenfreiheit.
Der Rahmen ist aus Stahlblech gefertigt und bildet das Grundgerüst des TRX-4.

Sperrbare Differentiale
Das vordere und hintere Differential lassen sich über die Fernsteuerung sperren und entsperren. Die Differentiale werden über zwei Bowdenzüge gesteuert.

45° Lenkeinschlag
Schon als RTR Modell glänzt der TRX-4 mit einem Lenkeinschlag von 45°.

Servo mit Metallgetriebe
Auch hier wurde nicht gespart und gleich ein Servo mit Metallgetriebe verbaut.

Regler XL-5 HV
Der XL-5 HV ist wasserdicht, 3S LiPo fähig und für eine reibungslose und präzise Steuerung wurden neue Geschwindigkeitsprofile hinzugefügt. Bis zu 2 Stunden, sind mit einem Traxxas 3S 5000mAh iD LiPo Akku möglich!
Canyon Trail 1.9 Reifen
Die 1,9 Canyon Trail Reifen werden mit sehr weichen Einlagen geliefert. Montiert sind sie auf Kunststoff-Felgen welche für 12mm Radmitnehmer passen.

Metall Links
Die Links sind schon im RTR Set aus Metall

Aluminum GTS Stoßdämpfer
Die Stoßdämpfer bestehen aus Aluminium und verfügen über Gewindesgehäuse für leichtes anpassen des Setups. Zudem haben sie eine O-Ring-Kappendichtung und zwei X-Ring-Wellendichtringe.

    RTR-Modell mit scaliger Defender Karosserie
    Radstand: 324mm
    Gesamtlänge: 586mm
    Sperrbare Differentiale
    Motor: Brushed 550 Titan
    Regler: 3S Fähig, wasserfest, auswählbare Profile für Geschwindigkeit und Crawlen
    Metall Servo
    Aluminium Stoßdämpfer
    Batteriefach in der Mitte des Autos

The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is an all-new Traxxas design that instantly obsoletes the status quo with greatly expanded features, versatility, and capability. In other words, we built it the Traxxas way, rugged, powerful, and ready for fun! With availability in Mid-May, it’s arriving just in time for spring and summer outdoor action. Check out the features and images below to get the latest scoop on this incredible machine.

Ultimate Ground Clearance
The TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is equipped right out of the box with Traxxas' game-changing portal axle set. Portal axles lift the truck at the wheels for huge center pumpkin ground clearance. In order to achieve the same clearance with straight axles (and not get stuck), your tires would have to be over an inch taller than the TRX-4's tires. Straddling boulders with ease, the TRX-4 chassis definitely takes the path less travelled and simply leaves all the others behind.

Torque Twist Eliminated
The portal axles use gear reduction right at the wheels that dramatically reduces undesirable torque twist. Total axle gear reduction is over twice non-portal designs. The Titan 550 motor torque is translated into straight, powerful, forward motion, rather than wasted energy twisting your rig right off the rocks.

Improved Geometry
Portal axle geometry raises the axle link mounts and center driveshaft, greatly reducing critical driveshaft and suspension link angles. This means less strain on the driveshafts, and the higher suspension links provide greater clearance with less scraping and dragging across the rocks. The steering drag link and tie rod are also raised up and out of harm's way.

Rigid Steel Frame
A heavy-duty formed-steel ladder frame with molded cross members creates an extremely rigid backbone that lets the suspension do the work it was designed to do. You’ll feel the difference on trails where the elimination of chassis flex allows for precise wheel placement when navigating technical terrain.

45° Steering Angle
Traditional crawlers sacrifice turning radius for traction. The TRX-4’s remote locking differentials disengage to take full advantage of its superior 45 degree steering angle. Once you clear the obstacle, re-engage the differentials for ultimate traction

Metal Gear Digital Servo
A new full-metal gear digital servo gives you the durability and steering authority you need to confidently and reliably power through tough situations

Traxxas was the first to bring you fully waterproof RC vehicles years ago with our innovative designs. The TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler is fully waterproof for how you like to really play, not “splash resistant.” There is a big difference. Traxxas’ patented innovation gives you the freedom to tackle creeks, snow, and mud without worrying about water in your electronics.

Scale Detail
The TRX-4 Trail and Scale is being shown with the legendary Land Rover Defender body, complete with exciting scale details for an authentic 4-wheelin’ experience. We’ve included a functional spare wheel and tire, an off-road jack, and spare fuel canisters. Secure your trail gear in the included roof basket. There’s even a snorkel for taking the waterproof TRX-4 through creek crossings. The rugged bumpers provide clearance and protection and are equipped with recovery D-rings. The front bumper is designed to be compatible with many popular off-road accessories

Inner Fenders
The scale details did not stop with the body. We went underneath to install detailed inner fenders that integrate with the scale look of the floor pans and shock towers, keeping rocks, mud, and twigs out of the chassis. The inner fenders are also equipped with pockets to install our optional LED rock light kit (sold separately) to light up the night trail, casting light right where it’s needed. The rock lights make changing a “flat tire” on the trail a breeze! ;-) Integrated rock sliders help protect the body from damage.

Tough, Lightweight Pickup Truck Body
Low profile bumpers for increased clearance
Red differential covers and D-rings
Trail-Tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
Fully waterproof design
Five drive profiles
Sport Mode — forward / brake / reverse
Race Mode — forward / brake / no reverse
Training Mode™ — 50% forward / 100% brake / 50% reverse (patented)
Trail Mode — forward / brake / reverse / with trail-tuned drag brake in neutral
Crawl Mode — forward / instant reverse - no neutral with 100% hill holding brake
Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
Large, efficient heat sink
Wide voltage latitude 6–7 cell NiMH (7.2–8.4V) and 2–3s LiPo (7.4–11.1V)
Two stage low voltage protection (LVD)
Powerful Titan™ 21T reverse rotation motor with internal cooling fan
Precise preset gear mesh adjustments
Motor retention separate from gear mesh
Portal Axles
Increase ground clearance
Eliminate torque twist
Steel gears
Improve axle geometry and reduce strain on driveshafts
Rigid Steel Frame
1.5mm thick steel frame rails increase torsional rigidity
Innovative design allows four wheelbase positions (300mm, 312mm, 324mm, 336mm)
Adjustable rear shock tower positions for SWB and LWB configurations
Bumpers adjust fore and aft
Rugged rock rails adjust for width
Wire routing clips integrated into frame rails
Full-time shaft driven 4-wheel drive
Tough 6mm stub axles
Steel front CV driveshafts
Hardened steel rear axle shafts
Spool-locked front and rear differentials
Steel gear transfer case
Innovative Battery Compartment
Hinged battery strap allows quick and easy battery access
No pins to lose
Accommodates different height batteries
Accepts full-size long battery packs
Integrated compartment accepts smaller 1/16 scale batteries (with optional strap)
Single-speed with steel gears
Dual horizontal shafts
Twin friction plate slipper clutch
Easily removed for servicing
Chassis mounted 2075X metal gear digital servo
Superior 45° steering angle
Direct steering (no servo saver)
Steering geometry corrected for bump steer
Front — 3 link with panhard
Rear — triangulated 4 link
Heavy-duty rod ends with steel hollow balls
5mm diameter steel link rods with 4mm threaded ends
Aluminum GTS Shocks
Oil-filled coilover GTS shocks exclusive to TRX-4 chassis
Silver-anodized aluminum bodies
Threaded bodies with collars easily adjust ride height
Silky smooth damping for the toughest trails
O-ring cap seal and dual X-ring shaft seals
Wheels and Tires
Rugged black 5-spoke wheels
Pre-mounted 1.9” Canyon Trail tires with trail-tuned foam inserts
Trail tuned S1 rubber compound
12mm steel hex
TQ™ 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter
Patented O-Ring Sealed Watertight Receiver Box Keeps the Micro Receiver Dry
Sealed Ball Bearings
Hex Hardware with Rust-Resistant Black Oxide Coating

Benötigt wird noch: Fahrakku, Ladegerät und 4x AA Batterien für die Fernsteuerung

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