84335 Tamiya RM01X Chassis Kit

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Art.Nr.: TAM 84335

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84335 Tamiya RM-01X Chassis Kit

Baukasten Kit

The Direct-Drive 2WD RM-01 chassis is a 1/12 race car platform that features independent coil spring suspension and a PBLR (Pillow-Ball-Rear-Link) suspension. The platform is ideal for 1/12 club racing for both carpet and asphalt race tracks. Previously released as a basic assembly kit with iconic race car bodies such as the Toyota Tom's 84-C, Porsche 956 and Mazda 787-B, the RM-01X is a special "limited edition" race kit which includes a huge selection of the Hop-Up-Options available for the platform. The parts included bring out its maximum performance at the track. FRP parts are replaced with carbon parts to enhance chassis overall rigidity, and an aluminum motor mount offers increased motor attachment rigidity for optimum power transmission. Furthermore, carbon reinforced front suspension arms provide optimized suspension effect.

54341 RC RM01 Alum Pitch Damper Set
54351 RC Carbon Damper Mount Plate
54353 RC Carbon Rear Body Mount Plate
54354 RC Alum Type 380 Motor Adapter
54356 RC Aluminum Motor Mount
54364 RC RM01 Carbon Lower Deck
54365 RC RM01 Carbon Lower Brace
54369 RC Aluminum Horn
54427 RC RM01 Carbon Rear Shaft
54456 RC Front Skid Angle Spacer Set
54413 RC F104 Aluminum Roll Damper
54461 RC RM-01 Carbon Rein N Parts Front Suspension Arm

Other included parts: 4mm Titanium Screws, 3mm Hex Screws, Hi-Torque Servo Saver, Aluminum wheel nuts and Aluminum turnbuckle shafts

Specs & Features
Scale: 1/12 scale
Construction type: assembly kit
Terrain use: on-road
Drive-train: 2WD RWD
Drive type: pinion to spur gear
Drive line: solid axle
Differential type: ball pressure plate
Suspension: independent front/solid axle rear
Steering mechanism: direct servo
Shock damper: oil-filled damper
Shock damper material: aluminum
Tire type: not included
Tire tread: slick
Body material: not included
Chassis material: carbon fiber plate
Electronic Speed Control (ESC): not included
ESC model: n/a
LED Light buckets: no
LED lights: no
Motor: not included
Bearings: shielded ball bearing
Adjustable camber: fixed
Adjustable toe angles: front only
Adjustable ground clearance: yes
Adjustable gear ratio: yes
Adjustable wheelbase: fixed
Adjustable track width: fixed
Adjustable shock angle: yes
Special feature 1: Pivot-Ball Link Rear (PBLR) suspension system
Special feature 2: Attachment of both hex-hub-secured and 3-screw-secured wheels are possible
Special feature 3: Aluminum diff housing allows ball differential adjustment without detaching wheel.
Special feature 4: Key Hop-Up-Option parts included in kit.
Requires: 1S battery & charger
Requires: wheels, tires, body set, motor, esc
Requires: 2-channel radio gear

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