410061 Serpent F110 - SF2 1/10

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410061 Serpent F110 - SF2 1/10 Flachbahner

Renn Baukasten Kit

Serpent F110 Formula 1/10 EP SF2 It’s a 1/10 scale car, based on the successfull 1/10 and 1/12 pancar platform. The joy, excitement, speed and performance of Formula 1 in a cool 1/10 scale package ! Full carbon / alu F1 racing car with many set-up possibilities. Can be raced with rubber or foam tyres. The kit includes racing chassis, FR and RR wing.

Main specs of the car.

Chassis: Carbon fibre chassisplate in 2.5mm, Chassis and holders allow Shorty and Normal packs.
Front wing: Front suspension with lower 3mm carbon wishbones, fully adjustable. Durable springloaded steeringblocks . Adjustable ride height to suit both rubber and foam tyres.
Suspension: Large volume main central shockabsorber RCCX type, threaded housing.
Shockabsorber: Strong and light aluminum rear axle, Durable and light ball-differential, and light alu hex wheel-hubs.
Links: Strong nylon bodymounts with fine tuning nuts.
Rear pod: Body, tyres/wheels/ electronics, gears.
Rear axle: 415mm.
Rear wing: 180 with rubber.

Not included
- Body, tyres/wheels/ electronics, gears.

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