47330 Tamiya The Big Wig 4WD Buggy Kit (Limited)

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47330 Tamiya Big Wig 4WD Buggy Kit (Limited) 2017

Baukasten Kit

Leicht modernisierte Wiederauflage des „10 years of Tamiya RC-Models“ the Bigwig von 1986. (original 58057)

Spezielles Modell mit vielen Besonderheiten, welche von Tamiya nur einmalig im Bigwig realisiert wurden.

Nur moderate Änderungen gegenüber Original:

•25T GT Tuned Motor mit Special-Sticker
•Batteriefach für 6zellige NiMh / 2S LiFe Pacs
•Updated Stickersheet (Lizenzen)
•zur Verwendung mit elektr.Fahrtenregler
•Spezialfett für Zahnstangenlenkung enthalten
•Kein Fahrtenregler enthalten ! (ESC > 22mm Bauhöhe können verwendet werden )
Bausatz im Massstab 1:10

It seems that some shops have been listing a classic Tamiya for re-release early next year.

The Tamiya Bigwig was built to commemorate 10 years of Tamiya making RC cars. Takuya Yura a renowned car designer created the first 'wing style' shell, which kept the buggy firmly on the track. It also featured rack and pinion steering, shaft driven 4WD and the kit came with the mighty Technigold motor.

The car was very expensive when I was a young man, but it didn't stop me always wanting one. When you actually got to see one running with at 8.4v battery they were a sight to behold!

It is also good news for those who want to race in a vintage series, as this car was the elite member of the Tamiya Boomerang family, a car which I won my first ever racing trophy with.

Product Specifications (Specifications subject to change)



Scale 1/10
Construction type Assembly kit
Terrain use On-Road
Drive-train 4WD
Drive type Gearbox
Drive line Dog bone
Differential type Gear
Suspension Fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism Rack-in-pinion
Shock damper Oil-filled damper
Shock damper material Plastic
Tire type Rubber
Tire tread Pin spike
Body material Polycarbonate
Chassis material Plastic
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Not included
ESC model N/A
LED Light buckets No
LED lights No
Motor 540-brushed type
Bearings Shielded ball bearing
Adjustable camber Fixed
Adjustable toe angles Front only
Adjustable ground clearance Yes
Adjustable gear ratio Yes
Adjustable wheelbase Fixed
Adjustable track width Fixed
Adjustable shock angle Fixed
Special feature 1 Length: 390mm, width: 234mm, height: 163mm.
Special feature 2 Aerodynamic body is made of lightweight and durable polycarbonate.
Special feature 3 Engine and exhaust details are depicted by integrated chassis parts.
Special feature 4 ABS resin bathtub-type chassis.
Special feature 5 Shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain equipped with full ball bearings ensuring minimal power loss.
Special feature 6 Rack and pinion steering (the only of its kind on a Tamiya model) gives excellent driving feel.
Special feature 7 Boots cover the steering tie-rods, and anti-wear grease is included in the kit to seal the steering mechanism from dirt and gravel.
Special feature 8 "Aerodish" 1-piece wheels are combined with oval block pattern tires for superior grip.
Special feature 9 Newly designed stickers keep to the overall theme of the original.
Special feature 10 Includes a GT-Tuned motor (25T) with sticker unique to the Big Wig.
Requires A 2-channel radio gear
Requires B Electronic speed control
Requires C Polycarbonate paint
Requires D 7.2 battery & charger

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