HPI Baja 5B mit D-Box 2 RTR 2.4GHz

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Product no.: HPI113141

Manufacturer information: HPI - Racing

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113141 HPI Baja 5B mit D-Box 2 RTR 2.4GHz

Vormontierter 1:5 2WD Buggy mit Fuelie 23ccm Benzinmotor, 2,4GHz DSSS Funkfernsteuer System, 4300mAh Empfängerakku und lackierter Karosserie.
Inklusive ausführlicher & verständlicher Bedienungsanleitung.

WAS WIRD BENÖTIGT Kraftstoff, 5 Liter Benzinkanister

INKLUSIVE:4 AA Batterien für den Sender, 6.0V 4300mAh Empfängerakku und 220V Lader.

Werkseitig vormontierter RTR Großmodell Benziner Buggy
Ausgestattet mit #105409 D-Box 2 Einstellbare Lenkhilfe
Aktuellste Heavy-Duty Antriebs-Tuningteile verbaut
Brandneue Karosserie Lackierung
2,4GHz FHSS Funkfernsteuer System mit Failsafe
Extra-dickes Aluminium Monocoque Chassis
Kraftvoller 23ccm 2-Takt Motor
Torx T27 Motorschrauben
700ccm Kraftstofftank für 45 Minuten Fahrzeit
High Flow Schalldämpfer
8.000 U/Min Performance Kupplung
VVC/HD extern einstellbare Stoßdämpfer
Extra-langlebige Aufhängung mit viel Ausfederweg
Viscous Torque Differential
All-terrain Racing Reifen
Super-langlebige Beadlock Felgen
Langer Radstand
Abgedichtete Empfängerbox
Externe Akkuladebuchse
Einstellbarer Heavy Duty Racing Heckspoiler
Robuster Überrollkäfig zum Schutz des Motors
Gunmetal Eloxierung für eine super coole Optik
Komplettes Set Kugellager
100cc- 2-Takt Öl inklusive
6V 4300mAh Empfängerakku mit 220V Lader inklusive
4 AA Senderbatterien inklusive

Large Scale Baja Fun
with Total Control!

Take command of the biggest buggy available from HPI Racing, now fitted with HPI’s exclusive D-Box 2 tech! The Baja 5B is huge, powerful and ready for action, and with the amazing D-Box 2 you’ll be in full control of this massive 10kg (22 lb) beast anywhere you go! With a mighty 23cc 2-stroke engine powering the huge, rear-wheel drive Baja 5B buggy, you can easily hit speeds over 30mph!

The Baja 5B is fitted with externally adjustable VVC/HD shock absorbers on all four corners and a super-tough, high torque large scale metal gear steering servo. It’s got our ultra-reliable 2.4GHz radio system, big battery pack powering the steering and throttle servos plus a battery charger, so you’re ready for instant Baja action! The radio box is also fitted with the #105409 D-Box 2 Adjustable Stability Control System that will give you total confidence at any speed, on any kind of terrain you’re driving on. It’s perfect for driving on slippery surfaces with a powerful rear-wheel drive car like the Baja 5B, because you can change its sensitivity to make the car more stable as it’s cornering…or help it kick out the rear end for awesome drifting action!

The Baja 5B also features an extra-thick monocoque aluminum chassis, 700cc fuel tank for up to 45 minutes of driving before refueling, painted body in an all-new design and pre-mounted wheels and tires so you are ready to rock! The Baja 5B has the huge size and amazing looks that will amaze your friends, and now it’s more controllable than ever, thanks to the awesome D-Box 2!

The D-BOX 2 is your Secret Weapon for perfectly controlled driving!

The D-Box 2 is a fantastic electronic aid for drivers of all skill levels, in any kind of RC car, on any kind of driving surface. Whether you take your Baja 5B out on grass, loose dirt, mud or ultra-grippy clay, you will get perfect control thanks to the magic of HPI Drift Assist technology! The super-small D-BOX 2 simply connects between the receiver and steering servo for an amazing difference in your driving performance!

The D-BOX 2 has an amazing feature that improves response over other driving assistance systems when the gyro sensitivity is increased (Patented steering operation priority system) using the provided Mode switches. This new priority system allows the steering inputs from the transmitter to have priority over the gyro. While the D-BOX 2 is perfect for all types of vehicles, this gyro correction is seen the most when used in high-powered off-road cars: increasing the throttle will not spin the car out, even in slippery conditions! The D-BOX 2 will also prevent sliding in sudden braking or steering.

Exclusive Sensitivity Mode Switch

The HPI D-BOX 2 allows you to set 4 sensitivity modes using 2 switches. Mode 0 has the characteristics of the original D-BOX, with gyro compensation present from the steering action provided by your radio signal. You can get more steering control and less gyro compensation as you change the modes up to Modes 1, 2 and 3 - if you want earlier steering response through the transmitter and less from the gyro, simply change the mode to a higher number. Test drive the different modes to find the optimal driving mode for your preference!

The D-Box 2 will help you drive smoother, faster and with more control - and it's fitted in the Baja 5B right out of the box!


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