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Product no.: NNT10038

Manufacturer information: Ninco

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Funkferngesteuerte Panzer, Infrarot Kampfmodus, verschiedene Schiessmodi, volle Kontrolle von der Fernsteuerung aus!

Fantastic pack of RC Leopard tanks. Realistic scale replicas of about 30cm in length. With battle system to fight them one on one. Realistic sounds and movements, with damage control and accumulation to proclaim to the final winner.

The pack includes two replicas of the Leopard tanks perfectly decorated and fully radio-controlled. The Combat Fighters also include an infrared battle mode for super fun battles one vs one.

Infrared exciting 4-lives combat mode. If you hit your opponent one of his lights will automatically turn off and may lose one movement; for instance he will not be able to turn right, or he may lose one of the shooting modes.

Controlled tanks with realistic control knobs that make you feel like you're at the controls of a real tank. The barrel is moving independently. It includes tank and war sounds. When you receive an impact, the tank will tremble and make crash sounds.

The size of the tanks is 300mm x 110mm x 100mm including the rifle. The pack includes rechargeable batteries and chargers for the two tanks and batteries for the transmitter.

Includes 2 Leopard replica tanks
Exciting infrared battles 1 vs 1
Move your tank realistically
Independently control of the turret
Battle sounds
Rechargeable batteries 400mAh 4.8v included


•Pack of realistic replicas of Leopard tanks
•1 vs 1 infrared battle
•Realistic sounds
•All batteries included

Motorisiering: Elektro .

Maßstab: 1/16 .

Fertigungsgrad: RTR .

Empfohlenes Einsatzgebiet: Indoor/Outdoor .

Länge: 300mm .

Breite: 110mm .

Höhe: 100mm .

Aufhängungen: Indépendenate .

Antrieb: 4WD .

Karosserie: Behmalt .

Fernsteuerung: 27 MHz .

Minimal-Alter: 14 Jahre .

Zielgruppe: Débutant .

Lader: 220V (AC/DC) .

Packungsinhalt: Akkus

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