56032 Tamiya Super Sherman - Full Option Kit 1/16

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Product no.: TAM56032

Manufacturer information: Tamiya

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56032 Tamiya Super Sherman M51 - Full Option Kit 1/16

During the 1960's, the Israeli Ordnance Corps upgraded their aging Sherman Tanks by equipping it with the powerful French 105mm CN-105-F1 tank gun. The gun barrel length was shortened by 1.5m to improve overall greater balance and a muzzle brake was also fitted to minimize the recoil effect. In 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Super Sherman found itself fighting against newer T-54/55 tanks as well as JS-3 tanks from Egyptian, Iraqi, and Syrian armies. The M-51's 105mm gun could take on these adversaries by using HEAT ammunition. After the war, these M-51 Super Shermans continued to serve with distinction until they were finally retired in the early 1980s.

The front-mounted gearbox contains two Type 380 motors that can operate together or individually to produce forward/reverse running and pivot turning. Metal torsion bars and suspension arms combine with the wide tracks to smoothly absorb bumps and dips in the terrain and provide high maneuverability. In addition, realistic engine sounds accompany the tank as it starts up, drives, and stops to idle. Hull-mounted main gun can be elevated, depressed, and swung to the left and right.

DMD-Kontroll-Einheit-T08 plus, DMD Mulitfunktionseinheit MF-07

Technische Details:

Realistisches Fahrbild
Realitätsgetreue Licht- und Soundeffekte
Vorwärts- Rückwärts stufenlos
Rechts- Links Drehen auf der Stelle
Abschusssimulation mit Rohrrückzug und Zurücksetzen des Panzers
Lichteffekte und Abschusssound
MG-Schusssimulation mit Sound- und Lichteffekten
Zwei unabhängige Getriebe
Antrieb über vordere Kettenräder
DMD T08 plus MF-07, Lautsprecher, LEDs, Blitzeinheit
Innenwanne aus Aluminium


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