52000 GMade 1/10 GS01 Sawback Scale Crawler Kit

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Product no.: GM52000

Manufacturer information: GMade

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GM52000 GMade 1/10 GS-01 Sawback 4WD Scale Crawler Kit

1/10 Scale Crawler Baukasten ohne Fernsteuerung und ohne Antriebskomponenten

To help push performance to the max, an adjustable battery tray offers the lowest possible center of gravity, while allowing for the use of a variety of packs. The center skid plate is designed to run smoothly over any surface without getting stuck. The suspension of this beast is handled through a combination of aluminum shock absorbers, and leaf spring suspension. The one piece axle housing mounts to these leaf springs with U bolts, completing that scale look. Add a metal differential cover to seal in your solid differential gear for icing on a very delicious cake.

To get the power to the axles, a dust proof transmission is used. The transmission housing features a metalmotor mount to keep everything precise and secure. The power is then transmitted to the axles with universal shafts. Just to ensure there is no loss of power every rolling component uses ball bearings. Where is all this power going? Out to the MT-1901 off-road tyres mated to VR01 1.9 inch beadlock wheels. This tyre and wheel combination provides excellent traction in almost any environment. A beautiful clear Lexan scale body with driver seats, steering wheel, shifter, side view mirrors, and a fold down windshield will make anyone green with envy.

Gmade Sawback Features:

New realistic GS01 chassis with high strength nickel plated steel c-channel side rails
Suspension system with leaf springs and TS-03 aluminum shock absorbers
Solid gear diffs for both front and rear axles
Ball bearings in every rolling component
Realistic VR 01 1.9" beadlock wheels made from high strength plastic
Adjustable battery plate
Realistic seats, steering wheel, shifter, mirror, and foldable windshield

Spec Check:

Width: 218mm
Height: 246mm
Length: 442mm
Wheelbase: 287mm
Ground Clearance: 60mm
Weight: 1.7kg (without electric)

Zum Betrieb wird noch folgendes Zubehör benötigt:

Fernsteuerung mit Lenkservo
Crawler Motor und Fahrtenregler
Farbe für die Karosserie


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