RDRP3090 Ultra Bearing Set Tekno EB48.2/NB48/ET48

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Product no.: RDRP3090

Manufacturer information: Revolution Design

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RDRP3090 Revolution Design Ultra Bearing Set Tekno EB48.2/NB48/ET48/NT48 (28pcs)

Reliable ball bearings are the back bone of your RC car and that's why we bring you the RDRP Ultra Bearing range. Their special construction with a protective rubber seal on the "outer" side and a low-friction steel shield on the "inner" side maximise the protection against the elements while optimising the drivetrain's efficiency compared to all-rubber shielded ball races, making them especially useful in demanding applications such as electric and nitro off-road racing. A specially developed low-drag lubricant further adds to the ultra smooth operation

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