37012 Tamiya Howitzer M109A6 Paladin

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37012 Tamiya Howitzer M109A6 Paladin

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Development of the U.S. Army's M109 began in 1952. Its simple, boxy design featured the engine mounted at the front and the fully-enclosed fighting compartment, including the gun turret, was situated at the rear. Many M109 variants were subsequently produced and the M109A6, also commonly known as the Paladin, was put in service in 1992. It is armed with the 39-caliber M284 155mm howitzer which has a range of 30km with Rocket Assisted Projectiles and firing is managed by the AFCS (Automatic Fire Control System). It also features an improved suspension and more powerful engine. Overall 950 units were produced until 1999 and it saw action during the Iraq War in 2003 and the Kosovo War. The Tamiya model kit comes in 1/35 scale and features all the intricate details seen on the full size subject.

Specs and Features
1/35 scale plastic assembly model kit. Length: 280mm, Width: 115mm.
The model features new details including commander's periscope, ring at the gun barrel base, and drain pipe at the front left of the hull.
Commander and driver torso figures included.
Includes accessory parts such as bags and jerry cans as well as 2 marking options.
Vehicle parts are products of Italeri.

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