RC4WD XR3 2.4GHz Fernsteuerung 3 Kanal

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Art.Nr.: RC4ZR0009

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Z-R0009 RC4WD XR3 3-Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter/Receiver Radio

XR3 - Entry level radio at an affordable price. With all manual knobs (1st and 2nd channel adjustment). Third channel is a basic two position switch


Advanced 2.4Ghz System
Waterproof Receiver
Ergonomical Designed Large Hand Grip
Racing Style Steering Wheel Faux Break Disc
Requires 8 AA batteries

What's Included:

1x XR3 2.4Ghz transmitter
1x XR3 2.4Ghz receiver

Instruction Manual:

Click Here to Download

Other information:

Note: This radio can be used for nitro, gasoline truck, race car, tank or even boat.
Optional upgrade:

Extra receiver (Part # Z-R0008)

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