EVO-P2 Ultra High Speed Brushless Servo 8.4V WP

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EVO-P2 High Voltage BL Servo+HS+TG (Ultra High Speed)

Perfekt für 1/8 Buggy Offroad Gas und Lenkung...

0.07 sec. / 24.8Kg bei 7.4V

0.10 sec. / 18.2Kg bei 6.0V

Waterproofed Typ IPX43 Rating Rank

Vollmetall Gehäuse Digital Brushless Servo Ultra schnell

4.8V - 8.4Volt (2S Lipo Betrieb möglich)

Grösse: 40x38.5x21mm

Gewicht: 68g

Verzahnung 25 Zähne

Edelstahl Getriebe

Servo Typ Digital

Evo have introduced the Performance P2 brushless servo, a standard size servo suitable for Off-Road 1/8 buggy. The Evo Performance brushless servos are designed and manufactured to provide unparalleled performance and durability to racers at all levels. The Performance series servos use the highest quality components available, giving you superior performance, and exceptional durability. They feature an all CNC black anodized aluminum case for durability and efficient dissipation of heat. Inside the servo contains precision ball bearings supporting exceptionally durable stainless steel metal gears. Accompanying these stainless steel gears is a powerful, but very efficient, brushless motor that is specifically made in Japan.

Furthermore, Evo have taken the extra step to protect these internal components from dust and water with an IPX-4 rating.

•Brushless Motor – Made in Japan
•Voltage: 4.8V – 8.4V
•Speed: 0.10sec/60° (6.0V), 0.07sec/60° (7.4V)
•Torque: 18.2kg/cm (6.0V), 24.8kg/cm (7.4V)
•Dimensions: 40x21x38.5mm
•Weight: 68g
•Case: CNC black anodized aluminum case
•Gear: Titanium Gears

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