MMJ-MTI Muchmore Multi Ladekabel TX RX BEC Deans

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Art.Nr.: MMJ-MTI

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- MMJ-MTI Multi Charging Connector for TX, RX, Ultra, BEC 

  • Multiladekabel für Sender, Empfänger BEC und Typ Deans Stecker

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    Charge all 4 of your essentials all in one go with this multi purpose charging connector. Supplied with two charging jacks for different transmitters which are suitable for JR, KO, Futaba, Sanwa, Hitec and many more transmitters, receiver connector, Ultra plug, BEC connector and an extra wire for your customizing purpose. The Multi Charging Connector is fitted with gold plated 4mm Hyper Banana Connectors which provides you with a safe and stable connection to most popular battery chargers.

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