42289 Tamiya TRF102 Formel 1 Chassis Kit

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42289 Tamiya TRF102 Chassis Kit Formula One

F1 Baukasten Kit

Tamiya stellt mit dem TRF 102 Chasis Kit ein völlig überarbeitetes Formel-Chassis vor. Die eingeflossenen Neuentwicklungen umfassen sowohl den Front- wie auch den Heckbereich, mit dem Ziel, die Flexibilität und das Handling abermals zu verbessern.


New Design Carbon Lower ( 2.5mm) und Upperdeck ( 2.0mm)

TRF 102 Aluminium Motor Mount

F104 Low Friction Suspension Balls

Reinforced Front Suspension Arms

New TRF102 Rear T-Bar Suspension

Adjustable Metal Upright Set

New TRF 102 Aluminum Servo Stay

Carbon Rear Shaft mit intergrierter Diffplate

T-Bar 1.5mm &1.8mm enthalten

Hi Torque Servo Saver

TRF Dämpfer

Über das Modell:

Bausatz im Massstab 1/10 RC 2WD Chassis Kit ohne Elektronik

Neuste T-Bar Aufhängung hinten für individuelle Roll / Pitch Control, die brandneue Pitch Achse arbeitet unabhängig und passt sich somit besser den Fahrbahn-Unebenheiten an.

Das neu designte Lower Deck ist geschlitzt um die Flexibilität des Chassis zu erhöhen.

„Schwimmende“ Batteriebefestigung am Upperdeck zur perfekten Harmonisierung mit der neu entwickelten Aufhängung und maximalem Chassisflex.

Neue, leichte Servo Mounts,zur Servobefestigung mit Schrauben

Rear Wing Mount via Motor Mount höhenverstellbar

Mehr Platz auf dem Lower Deck für bessere Platzierung von Komponenten und bessere Ausbalancierung

Kompatibel mit 42286 TRF101 Carbon Front Suspension Set und 84417 Titanium Screw Set

The TRF102 is the second generation high-performance Formula One chassis designed by Tamiya’s elite designers. This iteration is a revolution! The kit features a number of changes to provide superior performance especially with rubber tire applications. Both the front and rear of the car have been redesigned to fully utilize the flexibility of the chassis, with the effect of excellent road holding and response.

Key Design Points:

The New T-Bar design provides a progressive roll damping effect superior to that offered by the spring-actuated side links on the TRF101. The roll point ball has been placed in as low a position as possible, in order to maximize damping effect. 2 thicknesses of T-bar (1.5mm and 1.8mm) are included.

The brand new pitch axle gives vastly improved, independent pitch damping, letting the chassis deal much more smoothly with undulating surfaces.

Servo mount screws are attached closer together on the lower deck. This, in combination with the floating battery mount, allows greater expression of lower deck flexibility, giving the feeling of greater stroke at the front of the car. A new servo stiffener keeps the servo firmly in place.

Slits are cut into the lower deck to further enhance its flexibility.

The roll damper has been moved closer to the lower deck, giving a more compact rear and contributing to the chassis' low center of gravity.

TRF102 Carbon Lower (2.5mm Thick) & Upper (2.0mm Thick) Decks
TRF102 Aluminum Motor Mount
F104 Low-Friction Suspension Balls
Reinforced Carbon Reinforced Plastic Front Suspension Arms
TRF102 T-Bar Rear Suspension
Adjustable Metal Upright Set
Integrated Diff Plate/Carbon Rear Shaft
TRF102 Aluminum Servo Stay
1.5mm & 1.8mm T-bars
Hi-Torque Servo Saver
TRF Damper

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