370702 XRAY X1 - 2017 F1 1/10 Formel 1 Kit

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Art.Nr.: XRAY X370702

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370702 XRAY X1`17 - 2017 LUXURY 1/10 FORMULA Kit

Baukasten Kit inkl. Karosserie

XRAY X1 2017 der Nachfolger vom XRAY X1 2016 ist ab Lager lieferbar.

Der sehr erfolgreiche X1 Bausatz von XRAY ist jetzt mit Frontstabilisator.

Der Bausatz wird sehr erfolgreich an den ETS Rennen von Jan Ratheisky aus dem Hause XRAY eingesetzt.

2017 All-new

-New adjustable anti-roll bar

-New graphite arms

-New arm mount plate

-New chassis

-New shorter big-bore shock absorber (from T4 platform)

-New shock spring collar

-New shorter spring (from T4 platform)

-New central mount plate

-New rear wing graphite mount

-Current best performing 1/10 formula car: European Champion, ETS Champion, Snowbird Champion, IIC Champion, and dozens of National championship titles

-Platform (including almost all parts) is compatible with previous X1 versions

-2017 version focused on fine improvement of small details, making the car an absolute winner straight out of the box


-Class: 1/10 formula

-Width: Adjustable 180mm front, 185mm rear (depends on tires used)

-Lenght: 410mm

-Wheelbase: 264mm

-Weight: 375g

-Ready-to-run weight: 985g (varies depending on equipment used)


-Chassis: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machined

-Body: XRAY X1 1/10 formula type


-Type: 2WD direct drive to rear axle

-Rear Axle: Steel shaft with ball differential

-Primary: Spur/pinion

-Bearings: High-speed ball-bearings (13)


-Front: Spring-supported, kingpin-style front suspension with composite steering blocks and graphite upper & lower suspension arms

-Rear: Conventional rear pod, adjustable via pivot-ball links, controlled by side tubes

-Rear Shock: Central adjustable oil-filled shock absorber


-Ride Height: Adjustable front + rear

-Camber: Adjustable front

-Front Caster: 3–12° adjustable caster

-Track-width: Adjustable front + rear

-Toe: Adjustable front

-Downstop: Adjustable front + rear

-Anti-roll bar: 1.2mm front

-Ackermann: Adjustable with servo saver arm and steering block

-Steering: Direct linkage between steering arm and steering blocks

-Balance: Front/rear weight balance adjustable via battery position


-Wheels: Not included

-Tires: Not included

-Additionally included: Lexan Formula body & front wing, HUDY Diff Grease, Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, shock oil

-Not included: Radio system (transmitter and receiver), steering servo, motor, pinion gear, battery pack, speed controller, charger, wheels, tires, inserts, high-strength fiber tape, double-sided tape, CA glue, bearing oil, tools

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