65132 Team Orion HMX 10 Brushless ESC

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Art.Nr.: ORI65132

Hersteller Info: Team Orion

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65132 Team Orion HMX 10 Brushless ESC Fahrtenregler mit App Programmierbar

Swiss Made

IFMAR Weltmeister 2018

HMX® - The Best of RC and Industry Combined

App Features

Calibration: easy ESC calibration using the app
Advanced graphical display timing setup
Race proven default ESC setups for the most popular racing categories.
Download and install the ESC setups user by our pro drivers: Our factory drivers are sharing their settings with you! You can download them directly in the app.
Save, copy and edit setups
Easy Firmware Update: when a new firmware is available is available, you are notified via a push-notification. The firmware update is done directly from the app.
Manage multiple HMX ESCs from the same app.
Available today for Android Smartphones and Tablets for free. iOS version to be released soon.

Editable ESC Parameters

Blinky Mode switch
Punch setting
Maximum Torque
Neutral Range
Drag Brake
Initial Brake Force
Brake Strength
Battery low voltage cut-off
BEC voltage control, 6V or 7.4V
Drive mode (forward/brake, forward/brake/reverse, forward/reverse)
Maximum reverse power
Top speed (motor RPM)
Motor number of poles
Number of battery cells
ESC Overheat Protection switch

Team Orion® is a world-renowned manufacturer of World Championship winning batteries, chargers, motors and electronic speed controllers (ESC). Since their first release of a brushless ESC in 2012, the Swiss brand’s Vortex R10 and R10.1 Pro ESC have dominated almost every major off-road event in the USA, won several European Championships and taken home World Championship titles in on-road and off-road categories.

After many successful years, Team Orion has decided to take brushless technology to the next level. Improving on the R10 and R10.1 design is not easy feat. To achieve this, Team Orion has partnered with some of the most brilliant engineers in the field of brushless power technology. Under the name HMX® Technology a totally new brushless controller technology has been developed and incorporated into an RC ESC.

Full App Control

Changing the settings of your speed controller with painful pushes on a small button are a thing of the past. Also forget program cards and boxes. The HMX speed controllers can be managed with an advanced iPhone or Android app! We invested a lot of time into the development of a really great app which allows you to easily change settings, save setups or download Pro-Setups from professional drivers.

ESC Features

State-of-the-art mobile application to setup and program the speed controller
Extremely fast response and precision thanks a 32bit micro processor
Unrivaled power feeling and control thanks to newly developed power and brake control curve algorithms, developed with the world best rc car drivers.
Improved braking characteristics for constant braking feeling at every speed
Real time signal translation: The signals from the receiver are translated into throttle control signals in real-time for fastest throttle control.
High-grade components, tested and selected by our engineers
3 piece lightweight precision machined aluminum case with machined air ducts for improved cooling
High efficiency dual PCB design with high performance power board and ultra fast response digital control board
Highly efficient cooling system that uses a cooling middle plate equipped with air ducts to channel fresh air directly to power PCB where the mosfet are installed.
Top of the line “Dual Cool” Mosfet transistors for improved heat dissipation
Advanced Timing settings: two RPM based timing settings and one “Turbo” (full throttle) timing settings
Switched BEC 6V and 7.4V: Easily switch between 6V and 7.4V BEC voltage for the best servo performance
Temperature monitoring: real time ESC temperature monitoring to prevent damage from overheating
Micro USB connector for smartphone connection (iOS support incoming)
ABC motor wire order protection: in case of motor wire reversal, the ESC cannot be damaged
Dual sensor port

Technical Specifications:

Rated current: const. 250A / peak up to 2000A
Battery: 2S
BEC: 6/7.2V 5A adjustable
Size & weight: 43.9x32.7x22.4mm, 44g (without cables)

ORI65132 HMX 10 Controller Modified EAN 7612888651323
HMX® OTP cable for the connection with Android smartphones included.
Power capacitors and carbon look high speed cooling fan included.
Bluetooth dongle for the connection with iOS phones in the making and available soon.

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