Kyosho JET Illusion DF45 Elektro Motorflieger ARF

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Art.Nr.: KY10111 (RP)

Hersteller Info: Kyosho

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10111 Kyosho JET Illusion DF45 Elektro Motorflieger ARF 600mm

The dream of electric ducted fan flight has now come true.
Powerful flight in a convenient size !

This high performance ducted fan airplane proves sophisticated high-tech mechanics can be easy and fun to use. KYOSHO's many years of ducted fan airplane design experience and the latest brushless motor technology launches a new era in flight performance. The 300g of ultra-lightweight kit with beautifully fiberglass fuselage contains a built-in micro ducted fan unit that delivers awesome propulsion to fly exciting stunts such as loops and rolls. This almost fully assembled airplane requires only a few steps to complete assembly and linkage setup so you can experience the thrill of realistic jet flight.

Brushless motor and fan combine in a one-piece high-efficiency fan unit that produces 270g of thrust.
One-piece shroud's brushless motor generates 50,000 RPM of pulling power.
Compact size of the ducted fan unit fits neatly inside the sharp shape of the fuselage.
11.1V-700?910mAh lithium polymer battery produces more than enough power.
One-piece joined main wing and covered balsa tail wing realize excellent controllability.
ARF kit only requires installation of the ducted fan unit and linkage setup to complete.


Includes ducted fan unit (one-piece fan unit and brushless motor)

Benötigtes Zubehör:

R/C System / EP 4ch Trancemitter, 2 servos, receiver
Controller / ESC
Battery / 11.1V-700?910mAh lithium polymer battery
Special charger for Li-Po battery

Length: 635mm
Width: 600mm
Weight: 300g (approx.)
Wing Area: 8.5dm2
R/C System: EP 4ch Trancemitter, 2 servos, receiver?Sold Separately?
Thrust: 270g

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